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Divinity II: DKS - Review @ Incgamers

by Myrthos, 2010-11-24 20:44:00

Incgamers reviewed The Dragon Knight Saga and awarded it with a solid 9.

There's very little hand-holding from the game. No quest compass. No, 'ok, you've done this, now go directly here' instructions. If, in the course of your travels, you learn that somebody keeps the key to his stash under his pillow it's up to you to find the person's house, and then find his loot. It's the kind of open, free-roaming (albeit limited by the boundaries of each map hub) which more RPGs used to exhibit. Once you've hoovered up a decent list of quests, it's entirely up to you which order you pursue them in. The game won't prevent you from entering an area full of enemies that are too powerful for you to deal with, it'll let you figure out that you're outclassed and should come back later. All the necessary information is at the player's disposal, it's just never spelled out in neon letters. In short, it credits the player with a modicum of intelligence.

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