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RPGWatch Feature: Starpoint Gemini Interview

by Dhruin, 2010-12-02 12:34:43

We catch up with Little Green Men to discuss their upcoming "space RPG tactical sim", Starpoint Gemini, which is due for release in only a couple of weeks.  Here's a snip from the conversation:

RPGWatch: One of things I enjoy most about the best "space-trading" games is the sense of  a living universe.  How important is this element for Starpoint Gemini and can you describe some of the things players will encounter that add life to the gameworld?

LGM: A living world is very, very important. No sense in making a free-roam game if you streamline and script everything and it all plays out the same way. The world has to live on its own, driven by AI. Traders dock on stations to trade, miners go deep into asteroid fields to search for ore, scientists roam the sector looking for anomalies to research, police squadrons go on patrols and deal with pirates, military fleets round up and attack enemy fleets... all of that and more goes on regardless of where the player is. The AI doesn't act only when you're nearby... they live their own lives. That was our basic setup and we continued building on top of that through scripted events to liven things up even more. Players will also notice that when you're playing through the main campaign Gemini will change depending on what happens in the storyline. When two factions go to war, they really go to war even outside the scripted missions. That's one of SPG's strong points.

Read it all here.

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