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Divinity II: DKS - Patch 1 Officially Released

by Dhruin, 2010-12-03 21:35:56

Larian has officially released their Dragon Knight Saga patch:

The following features and fixes are included with this patch:

  • Nightmare difficulty mode has been added
  • The graphic options have been extended
  • A number of balancing changes were included (overpowered enchantments, empty containers)
  • The interact button now also takes all items in a container
  • Compatibility fixes are present for various graphic cards (black screen problem)
  • A system fix was introduced that solves issues like invisible npc's and overpowered enemies
  • A number of minor fixes were done

Patches for digital versions are included on the page but some versions (Steam) have their own patching system, obviously.  Note the comment on the page about Windows Vista/7 and fixing graphical issues.

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