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Starpoint Gemini - Crash Fix, DRM Removed

by Dhruin, 2010-12-16 20:57:17

It turns out the Securom added by Gamersgate was causing Starpoint Gemini's woes, so the devs have released a DRM-free main executable to fix the problem and, of course, remove Securom at the same time.  You can get the file at Space Sim Central:

This exe fixes the entire crash issue. To explain things:
DRM was in conflict with our own exe file and that caused everything. We came to an agreement with GG to drop the whole protection and release the unprotected version. Here's the exe file. GG will be releasing the unprotected version tomorrow.

This is a quick fix. It is rudimentary but simple
*unzip the folder
*copy the exe to your game root directory over the original exe file
*play and have fun

Thank you once again for your patience and help. Thank you! :)

Gamersgate has also released v1.002 but note this does not fix the crash issue itself.  It's not clear if you should download v1.002 plus the .exe, or just the fixed .exe.  Alternatively, apparently Gamersgate will release the DRM-free version in the next day or so.

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