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Divinity II: DKS - Review @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2010-12-19 00:24:37

GameBanshee has posted their review of the Dragon Knight Saga.  There's no score as usual for them but the piece is generally positive:

The best part of the expansion pack is the quests, during which you get to do things like rescue a baby from a burning house, assist a chef so he can impress a food critic, and help three men who have been transformed into vegetables. Larian has always had a good eye for detail, and they're good at writing amusing dialogue, and so their quests are fun even when a lot of them involve well-worn objectives like going to a place and finding an item, or going to a place and killing something. As with Ego Draconis, there are also a lot of secret places and hidden objects to find, but because inventory objects now sparkle when they're on the ground, you don't search for keys so much as for buttons and levers. But the concept is the same, and so if you like carefully exploring places for secret prizes, then Flames of Vengeance is a rewarding game.

Less impressive is the combat. Since I couldn't import a character from Ego Draconis, I had to create a brand new level 35 character when I started Flames of Vengeance, and that character was weak to say the least (you don't get a weapon or jewelry or crafting recipes, and the small amount of money you start with isn't nearly enough to cover the losses). So I struggled early in the game, but then after gaining a couple of levels and getting my character squared away, everything got pretty easy, to the point where I never needed to quaff a potion during a fight. Part of the problem is that you receive something like 40 skill books during the course of the campaign, making character development sort of a joke, and the other problem is that combat is just too easy on the default difficulty setting. After playing through the campaign once, I can see why Larian added a "nightmare" difficulty setting in their most recent patch.

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