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Starpoint Gemini - v1.003 Patch

by Dhruin, 2010-12-20 11:58:10

The first real patch for Starpoint Gemini has been released, addressing some urgent issues before they tackle a more ambitious update:

The first update is here. The fixes it involves are listed below. This is a smaller update we made to address some issues quickly. The following update(s) will include quite a lot more. We’re constantly looking over the issues you’re all vigorously posting (and an honest thank you for it goes from us :) ) and we’re adding them to the bug list. Tomorrow we start anew with v1.004 in focus. You can download the update here:


*Fixed issue with not getting full ship control after loading
*Initial Perk now saves as it should. Does not revert to default anymore.
*Player can no longer fill all station docks by repeating Dock command
*Increased chance of freelance mission reactivation on entering sector
*Transferring command to a captured ship now works as it should
*CTD due to missing video codec is now logged in the ActivityRecord.txt
*Player can no longer repeatedly sell a captured ship
*Fixed a bug with not being able to close in-game menu when info or trade panel was open
*FIxed level requirement for campaign missions issue
*Fixed numerous smaller glitches

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