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Titan Quest Review @ Game Over

by Kalia, 2006-08-23 15:48:00
<a href="http://www.game-over.net/reviews/pc/Titan_Quest.html" target="_blank">Game Over</a> has posted their review of Titan Quest. Keeping pretty much in line with other reviews, the game scored 84%. <blockquote><em>Like Diablo 2, Titan Quest uses a portal system to allow you to instantly transport from anywhere on the map to any town youa "!ve discovered. The game also has the same inventory system as Diablo 2, and ita "!s no fun at all to have to stop and shuffle oddly shaped items in your inventory to fit them into the rectangular grid of storage because the game wona "!t do it for you to make more room a  couldna "!t the game at least have improved that? Ultimately you kind of realize that the game is so full of loot that therea "!s little incentive to keep collecting it. All the best magic items come off of the creature you kill, not from vendors in the towns, so I have like 200,000 gold pieces and nothing worth spending it on.</em></blockquote>
Source: Blue's News

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