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Starpoint Gemini - v1.004 Patch

by Dhruin, 2010-12-22 04:55:35

LGM has unexpectedly pushed out another quick update for Starpoint Gemini, fixing some additional urgent bugs.  From the Space Sim Central forum post:

Here's the new update. I won't babble on so here's the fix list:

*Fixed a bug with being unable to dock on TGates and stations
*Fixed a bug where pressing the home key during the opening sequence caused the game to crash
*Intro sequence can now be skipped by pressing the spacebar key
*Fixed an exploit with Research freelance missions (multiple scans)
*Slightly rebalanced AI maneuver usage
*Fixed a bug where passing through a TGate would spawn the player off the map boundaries
*Fixed a bug with player bouncing off obstacles in TDrive
*Game can no longer be saved during docking or undocking
*Updated Activity recording

and the link to the download area is here:

This update already contains the previous 1003 update.

I'll be opening up a new topic "Game-stopping bugs". If you encounter such issues, please post them there and we'll jump on fixing the problem ASAP. This is the second in line, and hopefully the last quick-fix update to get the game working for everybody. Now we'll take a bit more time to pack a larger update.

You can also grab the file here.

In their email, LGM wanted to say "we would appreciate if you could send our big thanks and appreciation to the gamers who bought SPG for their support and patience. We'll continue to work on the game until every bug is lifted and all additional content gets out."

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