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Divinity II: DKS - Patch 2 Beta

by Dhruin, 2010-12-22 22:35:44

There's a beta version of Patch 2 for the Dragon Knight Saga for anyone interested in taking the risk:


The following patch is a beta-version of DKS patch 2. The purpose of making it available at this point is to help people who are facing difficulties with The Dragon Knight Saga without having to wait until we finalized testing on it.

So we assume the patch works, and we've tested it on all languages here, but we still need to validate it. Therefore, use of this patch is at your own risk.


The download on that page will install an auto-updater for The Dragon Knight Saga which will automatically download the latest patch.

You do not need patch 1 to install this. The auto-updater will automatically bring any version up to speed with the latest version. It will also recognize your game language and version.

People who are having trouble with resolutions and black screens since the previous patch, may want to try this one.

If anyone is trying this, please provide us with your experience and comments.

It will not work on Steam installations. We are planning on sending the patch to Steam this week.



Update: will now also install latest German patch (patch 2).

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