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Gods: Lands of Infinity - Wrap Report @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2006-08-23 22:32:00
Team members from Cypron Studios have penned a Gods: Lands of Infinity Wrap Report for RPG Vault. Here's Martin Sabo-Balog on their high-level goals:
When we first decided to create Gods: Lands of Infinity, we wanted to make a brand new kind of a fantasy game - something wondrous, adventurous, entertaining, exciting - something that you would remember. The first and the most important aspect of any game concept is entertainment, and the feel of an adventure. We wanted to avoid knotty game calculations, lots of tables, statistics, and long, boring dialogues as we assumed that if a player wants to play, he doesn't want to read a 600-page book. We allow the player to walk in a fanciful environment, to fight monsters, to wield mighty weapons and amazing spells, to meet interesting fantasy characters and share their destinies. The final effect we got from our "alchemy room" is a smooth, catchy and original game that combines various features from other RPGs and tries to avoid their negative experiences. We wanted to forge an adventure!

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