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JA2 Reloaded - Newsletter 3

by Dhruin, 2010-12-23 23:00:48

Alrik writes in to say bitComposer has released their third Jagged Alliance Reloaded newsletter, available in German and English.  You'll be pleased to know they still don't know how to appeal to their core audience:

Below is an update on the latest status regarding the “Fog of War/Line of Sight” feature:
We have again discussed the “line of sight” issue internally, and have finally decided to show all the enemies right at the start, as we were worried that a pure “line of sight” on the complex game maps could represent too great a challenge for beginners, particularly as our maps are, to some extent, larger than in the original game.
But there’s no problem with the basic logic of showing enemies when they are spotted by your own mercenaries. We already have some ideas on how to keep both players new to the game and the “old hands” among you happy.
We haven’t yet decided quite how we will do this, and have left all the options open. In any case, the veterans among you should be able to make all the enemies invisible until they enter your mercenaries’ field of vision.

We will only be able to finalize the details during development when the combat system is far advanced and we can assess how it will impact on the overall game experience. Ideally of course, we want to find a single solution that fits all! 

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