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Age of Decadence - New Video, Screens

by Dhruin, 2011-01-06 21:55:26

Iron Tower has released a new video of the long-awaited Age of Decadence, showing improved visuals, status icons, sounds and (presumably) music - it all looks surprisingly polished compared to the combat beta we saw so long ago.  The clip shows part of the Assassins Guild quest chain, with an emphasis on a large-ish battle.  Here's some comments from Lead Artist, Oscar:

The video shows the second Assassins Guild's quest, the game flow, a night map, fire particles for the easily amused, the PC fighting with allies (just because you don't have an entourage of emotionally scarred people with troubled past doesn't mean you have to save the world all by your awesome self), and an optional third-person view.

Btw, see that alchemist guy with a crossbow? If you keep him alive, he'll give you something nice, which will increase your chances of staying alive in the third Assassins Guild's quest from 5% to 12.7%. Just sayin'.

You'll also find some new screens along with the video over at their forums.

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