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Fable 3 - Re-Announced for PC at CES

by Dhruin, 2011-01-08 00:24:37

Microsoft has re-announced the PC version of Fable III at CES, with the title due "later this year".  Apparently a port a year later demonstrates Microsoft commitment to Windows gaming or something.  From IGN:

Microsoft chose CES to unveil the PC edition of Fable III, the successful third entry in Lionhead's Xbox adventure trilogy. There were no specific announcements about Fable III for CES beyond having it in their booth. Microsoft just wanted to reveal the game and reassure PC gamers that Microsoft remains very active with Games for Windows.

Coming later this year -- Microsoft did not give out a firm release date -- Fable III for the PC will feature a fresh visual pass to take advantage of graphics cards and processors that now outstrip the Xbox 360. Certainly the version of Fable III I played today looked sharper than it did on Xbox 360, with crisper textures.

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