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Two Worlds II - Preview, Tweak Guide

by Dhruin, 2011-01-11 22:26:11

Game Focus has a very short preview of Two Worlds II:

I played through the first 6 hours or so and barely scratched the surface. During that time, each element of the game was gradually introduced to me, beginning with basic melee combat to spell casting to alchemy and even horse riding (which is also much more intuitive). I found myself doing more exploring within the open world than actually pushing my quests forward; looking for new items to craft with, punishing foes with my duel-wielding arms of death or find supplies for my budding alchemy career. In a sense, this reminded me of the effect that Red Dead Redemption had on me when I first fired it up. And if that is indicative of the kind of world that Reality Pump has in store for us, we may still be exploring all the nuances found within Antaloor for many months to come. Ultimately, it would be a mistake to let the bad taste that Two Worlds left in your mouth taint your pallet as Two Worlds II is shaping up to be quite an enjoyable dish.

...and a .ini tweak guide at Segment Next.

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