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Dragon Age 2 - Bonus Content Announced

by Aries100, 2011-01-12 23:01:32

Chris Priestly, in this thread on the Bioware Social Forums, announced bonus content for Dragon Age 2. Without sounding to much like an ad for Bioware, the bonus content will be:
The Lion of Orlais, (a shield) and the Fadeshear (a sword) and The Black Emporium.

By visiting the Black Emporium, players will be able to use the Mirror of Transformation and change their appearance. They'll be able to find exclusive magic and and crafting stores. And they'll find a whistle allowing them to summon a powerful Mabari Hound in battle.

You can read more it about the bonus content here.

All who buy the game get The Black Emporium, while the sword and shield are only available to those who pre-order -as well as the people who bought the Signature Edition. I bet, though, that the sword and shield will be released as DLC later...

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