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Arx Fatalis - Patch & Source Code

by Skavenhorde, 2011-01-14 17:43:48

Hold onto your hats RPGWatchers this one will knock your retro socks off. Arkane Studios has released a patch that brings Arx Fatalis up to version 1.21.

According to Bethesda Blog this fixes the stability on Windows 7 and Vista machines, performance issues on Nvidia GPUs and a number of other things. You can get the patch here.

They have also released the source code. You can get it from the same page you got the patch.

I have verified that the patch and source code can be downloaded, but none of the claims about what the patch does. Read the readme for the source code and have fun revisiting Arx Fatalis on your modern rigs.

Thanks also to Dju for writing in.

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