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Rampant Games - More on Simplifying

by Dhruin, 2011-01-14 21:27:58

Jay Barnson writes about playing Eye of the Beholder recently and realising the simplicity of the gameplay.  The short article actually muses about whether such simplicity could be brought to bear successfully with a modern product but it also opens a can of worms with some of those old classics:

Strip out any economy. Gathering gold – typically a staple of D&D-based RPGs – is outta there.

Strip out NPC interaction outside of combat. Or any idea of “quests” (which hadn’t quite gelled as a regular feature  of RPGs at the time anyway).

Story is paper-thin, without much more plotline or background than your run-of-the-mill roguelike. [...]

Though people who claim Diablo isn’t an RPG might be on thin ice maintaining that this game series is, in spite of it being based on the original dice-and-paper role-playing game rule system.

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