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Divinity II: DKS - Review @ GamesMediaPro

by Myrthos, 2011-01-18 22:46:07

GameMediaPro reviewed Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga and found it worthy of a 10.

The game is played through at a quite leisurely pace that will lull a lot of gamers into a false sense of security as they strap on their backpack and sword and traipse off across the open plains in search of adventure and maidens to rescue, but make sure that you save often during your time in Rivellon as the quests main storyline picks up the pace at an alarming rate after acquainting you with the laws of nature in this gargantuan environment. Treat the meandering opening as more of an introductory tutorial for those gamers who are new to the way of things in Divinity. But be warned all you Draconis virgins out there, ( and if you are new to this stunning series then we do readily advise you to back catalogue this awesome franchise and start at the beginning and work your way through what has to be one of the greatest stories ever told in the RPG genre ), Dragon Knight Saga is role-playing at its finest, it is not an expedition to ‘cutesy-landwhere you are led by giggling minstrels,glowing trails or ruddy-faced devotee’s who fawn over your very existence. This is you and a sword and your wit’s, and that’s it! You want to know where your next objective is? Work it out for yourself. You want to know how to kill the next giant adversary? Then its your job to collate the evidence and piece together your strategy for attack or you will suffer the same fate as the twenty-seven other broken and limbless torso’s that are lying at your foes feet. In essence, it is how role-playing should be…it is the experience of it. The sense of being there and having to overcome and adapt to all manner of trials and tribulations that stand in the way of your ultimate goal and roaring success throughout your realm. If you want to be led by the hand and deliver books and letters to ungrateful peasants all day long then there’s always Fable III for you. If you want to sit in a glitch and stare at every shade of brown known to man then Fallout New Vegas is your baby. If you want some sizzling RPG action that will keep you engrossed for the coming few months then do yourself a favour and go for the educated role players choice: The Dragon Knight Saga. You won’t be disappointed.

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