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Two Worlds II - Review and Preview

by Aries100, 2011-01-19 15:10:14

There is both a review and preview out for this game. The review 8/10 comes from AllAgeGaming and here's a snip:

Well now you can see why; it has a lot of flaws, but in areas which don’t quite matter in this genre. Not many expansive RPG’s have particularly great graphics, yet they usually make up for the lack of visual prowess with a ton of wonderful gameplay mechanics and unique playability options. Two Worlds 2 perhaps takes both the good and bad to the extreme. That’s to say, look past its rough exterior and steep learning curve, and there is more quantity of superior quality here than most titles can shake a stick at. With great character development, both on and offline, and a slew of highly enjoyable and surprisingly great multiplayer modes, Two Worlds 2 has to be the best value for money ive seen in a long time from a retail game.

The preview comes from Atomic Gamers and should serve as an nice sample before the North American release. Here's a small taste:

What impressed me most in my first hour or two of Two Worlds II is that this attempt to make a serious RPG has had many successes that other developers haven’t really done right in the past: the crafting and upgrading system of making and upgrading potions and gear is interesting and unique, the magic creation system reminds me of Oblivion’s spell building but with some fun twists, and the world itself looks fantastic with a solid engine powering it. Sometimes it’s just the little things like the realistic-looking water or the way that waist-high plants are dynamically pushed out of your way as you walk through fields, and other times the game can put on huge, epic vistas.

Source: GameBanshee

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