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The Witcher 2 - Interview @ Geforce

by Myrthos, 2011-01-20 17:41:33

In an interview to be found at Geforce.com, senior producer Tomasz Gop talks about the design philosphy.

GeForce.com: Are all the locations in The Witcher 2 based on actual locations from Andrezej Sapkowski’s books?

Tomasz Gop: Pretty much, yeah. All of them have been tweaked towards adapting it for a computer game. Some others have been enriched with places and features that give us possibilities to tell the story and/or give some extra exploration to the players. But basically, that's still Sapkowski's world.


This developer diary mentions the conquistadors and The Third Reich. Does CD Projekt RED Studio feel like by drawing parallels to real-life groups makes for a more meaningful and impactful narrative?

It's more of bringing the process of creating game closer to the players. I always believed that it's a good idea to give examples on what inspired people that did what they did. In this case, especially for people who don't really dig 'all that fairytale fantasy stuff', describing things closer to what's familiar to them is more... communicative.

The interview also includes the developer's diary video which was mentioned in an earlier newsbit.

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