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Two Worlds II - Gamestop Preorder Bonus

by Dhruin, 2011-01-20 21:06:45

Southpeak's manic PR guy sent us news of Gamestop's preorder bonus for Two Worlds II.  You'll get a sword called Luciendar and a new dungeon called the Labyrinth.  There's footage of the dungeon here and a snip from their press release:

So anyway, there’s a preorder offer with some kickass stuff going on at Gamestop for Two Worlds II right now.  Did you know?  Well, fear not!  I’ve got some new visuals for these goodies to share with you, including three screenshots of the MIGHTY AND GLORIOUS Luciendar Sword (and its stats!) and footage of the Labyrinth content which can only be accessed with the Gamestop exclusive preorder.  The labyrinths include an entire group of mysterious sub-terranian labyrinths (NO WAY!) for the player to explore for great looting and gathering of TEH XPs and serious monies, along with 2-3 hours of additional gameplay.  HOORAY! ======^.^======

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