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Elemental: War of Magic - Dev Journal: Baking a Cake

by Skavenhorde, 2011-01-25 10:11:52

Derek Paxton discusses how making a game is like baking a cake. You can't mix together everyone's great ideas to make a great game. Mostly this journal entry is about how the next expansion won't be all things to all people:

At the end of the day Fallen Enchantress cannot be the exact game everyone imagines. There are too many different things that are hoped for. And it's not to say that all the things hoped for are bad.


Explorable dungeons are a good example. They would be cool to have, but they don't belong in Fallen Enchantress. It's not just a resource issue (though that's part of it, the more we do the less we do well), it's about where do we want the player spending his time. What is the actual game? Done well explorable dungeons would break from the main game and have the player play a "minigame" for 10/20/30 minutes after which he would be returned to the main game (assuming he remembered what he was doing there).


There are some players that would enjoy that. But the break would be a hurdle for most players. We would lose players who didn't enjoy the 4x game and players that didn't enjoy the dungeons game (unless we made the explorable dungeons optional, in which case the time spent developing them becomes even more questionable).

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