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DarkSpore - Hero Editor Video

by Dhruin, 2011-01-27 21:12:17

The Bigdownload has an apparently exclusive video preview of the Hero Editor from DarkSpore.  A snip from the accompanying blurb:

If nothing else, Spore features an amazing creature creator that has an unprecedented amount of flexibility - allowing players to let their imaginations run free. So, it's no surprise that the editor should be the centerpiece of the action role-playing game Darkspore, where it's more powerful than ever. In this producer video, Gameplay Engineer Casey Weaver describes the ways players can use the Hero Editor to modify and upgrade characters in a variety of ways using body parts collected throughout the game. Parts can be stripped of their stats and embedded with new ones from a different item, so players can maintain the look they want for their heroes. Best of all, players won't be limited to just one hero, so they can keep a bunch of different creatures on reserve and select the one that best suits a mission. 

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