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Morrowind - Overhaul Project Interview @ RPG Italia

by Dhruin, 2011-01-30 08:49:34

RPG Italia let us know about interview they have with the mod team behind the Morrowind Overhaul project, which has an international release due soon.  Morrowind Overhaul is a compilation project to enhance the graphics in Morrowind, similar in concept to Morrowind 2011 except this project has full permission from the original authors and has been around for a few years.  A gameplay overhaul is due soon, too.  Here's a sample:

From a graphical point of view, do you believe Morrowind Overhaul can be compared to Oblivion? The minimum requirements for Morrowind Overhaul are less than those required by Oblivion?

Yoae: Well, my dear, I’d say that a direct comparison is very difficult to do. Until recently the answer would be Oblivion, but Morrowind has recently recovered from two features of which you really missed: the bump mapping and dynamic shadowing. The time now is immature, because there are many characteristics which aren’t well developed, but the modders have never failed us. If we want to compare the two games on a stylistic level, Morrowind wins. I mean, there are houses built into giant mushrooms! And there are Guars! Concern to the requirements, I would say that the two games, if modded at most, have the same requisites: today with a mid – range computer you can enjoy all the improvements being noticed with the settings of MGE. For example: my PC is equipped with a 275 GTX and a E8400 and never has had problems running our Morrowind Overhaul. 

Can you explain to RPG Italia’s users the content of the package “Game Experience”, which it’s going to be published soon?

Kingpix: The simplest definition of the package “Game Experience” is that this group of mods edits everything that isn’t relating to graphic or sound. More specifically, the second package is going to set all the quests, the atmosphere, the gameplay, the opportunities, new locations, the growth of some characters and the like. The changes are many, very different and in them you can find the best quality available! Morrowind will become an “infinite” game, because you will never finish everything the game offers, because there are lots of new adventures that can be complete in different ways, having various ends. Finally you’ll have more realism in the character growth, balancing every aspect of the game; you’ll have news relative to the combat system, you’ll have news relative to the families and the vitality of the cities… therefore, there are a lot of irons in the fire! We can assess the duration of the game with the package “Game Experience” with all the new adventures and small quests about 2000 hours and with 2000 hours to complete everything is practically impossible finish the game. We’ll try to keep everything balanced, homogeneous for the game world and perfectly integrated in the original atmosphere. Oh, I think that this “Game Experience” is a very big smasher!! Can I say that?! 

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