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Two Worlds II - Review @ AtomicGamer

by Dhruin, 2011-01-30 08:57:09

Two Worlds II has been reviewed at AtomicGamer, with a score of 8/10 - although the reviewer seems to have a mixed opinion of the single-player game:

The engine powering Two Worlds 2 has been much improved over what we saw last time, and while it rarely shows us finely detailed environments on a small scale, the wide-open vistas you’ll often see can do a lot to make up for it. Frankly, the introductory dungeon shows us that the game is perfectly capable of detailed small spaces, but it seems the developers simply didn’t have the time to put this level of charm and sophistication into every little hut and village. I think that both newcomers to the franchise, as well as Two Worlds veterans, will find themselves pleasantly surprised at the visuals presented here.

The epic single player mode does seem to go on forever, as the progress is slow, completion of quests can feel very dull sometimes, and the story isn’t really designed with those hooks that entice you to keep playing. And hey, it’s an action-RPG made in Europe, so this style is par for the course with these games - from Gothic 3 to Risen, The Witcher to even something like STALKER, it’s exactly what these developers go for: a wild disregard for quality assurance, unique atmosphere, hardcore gameplay, and a late-game payoff that comes at the cost of the instant gratification that American game developers are always striving for.

Source: Blues News

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