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DarkSpore - Previews @ GameDynamo, CCC

by Dhruin, 2011-01-31 21:00:13

A couple of previews of DarkSpore.  First, GameDynamo:

Throughout your planetary adventure you’ll befriend various heroes like the warrior-class Goliath, the mage-class Sage, and Meditron, the healer. Each character sports a unique design and specific abilities, ranging from a reptilian behemoth equipped with an energy sword to a tarantula that can sap the souls of the living. Darkspore abandons Spore’s creature creator in favor of a vast equipment customization system.  As you defeat enemies, you’ll collect various pieces of armor, ranging from chest and shoulder plates to helmets that can be interactively placed onto your characters. With hundreds of equipment items and twenty-five unique characters to collect, each with four variants, it will be almost impossible to have exactly the same hero as any other player online in either cooperative or player versus player modes.

...and Cheat Code Central:

Like with Spore, Maxis is promising almost limitless possibilities with hundreds of abilities and tens of thousands of collectable body parts and armor that can be used to create unique creatures. The Spore Creature Editor has been enhanced to promote deep customization. However, we won't know until the game comes out how unique the creatures will be or if it turns out that there is one way to put together all these elements and make the perfect warrior. Of course, then it would just be Pokemon all over again. Sure there are 150 Pokemon to train, but if you're going to battle your friends, you're just going to end up bringing six Mewtwos. It's unlikely that Darkspore will be as bad as this, but like politicians, video games can rarely live up to all the promises they make.

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