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The Bard's Tale - When RPGs Had Teeth

by Dhruin, 2011-01-31 21:14:15

When RPGs had teeth: The Bard's Tale is a restrospective blog post that looks back at Interplay's seminal game:

The meat of why this particular game remains immortal in my memory is that it genuinely challenged the player in ways that modern RPG’s dare not do today. First, there was no auto-mapping feature, which meant that you would have to map the dungeons by hand in order to survive. This was no small feat considering that the dungeons you had to trudge through were incredibly complex with frequent traps which would spin or teleport you around without any indication that it was doing so. And there was no question that you needed these maps. You could not simply walk into the catacombs or Harkyn’s Castle and blindly make your way through. The sewers alone were a complete nightmare.

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