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Grimoire - Latest Update

by Corwin, 2011-02-01 23:39:47

For all of the hoards eagerly awaiting the latest news on this legendary game here's what's happening straight from the top.

I made a spot fix to the spell casting engine and it fixed a bug that kept cropping up in cloud effects, chest traps and grab attacks all at once. It was two lines of code I added innocently about a year ago to keep the PC’s combat orders updated according to the outcome of a magic spell.

Found some more places that needed work, a bit barren, also found a few logical glitches that could prevent the player from completing an area if not repaired.

Otherwise, looking solid. Playable but not finished yet. I am already realistically accepting I will need at least two months to address everything I have discovered during the walkthrough, particularly in filling areas out using my notes. Some of the things can be patched very quickly, other areas will take several hours to complete. Things like empty barrels and crates can be fixed in a single day’s work with the right data.

I was looking for more notes related to Grimoire and found a folder filled with maybe 800 pages of ideas I wanted to put into the game … things like a magic chest that fills a room with water when it is opened. Bits and pieces like that.

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