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The Witcher 2 - Character Update

by Dhruin, 2011-02-02 23:22:06

There's a new character update at The Witcher 2 site for Dethmold:

The life of sorcerer Dethmold of Ban Ard underwent a drastic change during the Thanedd Coup. During the rebellion his brother died from Scoia’tael arrow, and to say that Dethmold was furious would be saying to little. However the sorcerer would not fall to despair. He was in mourning only as long as it took him to make a list of those guilty. Dethmold left the service of Esterad of Kovir and found a patron better suited for his aims. He decided that Henselt, king of Kaedwen, should ensure the success of his plans.

What does Dethmold desire? He wants the Squirrels to be exterminated, as he considers them to be bandits and murderers. He craves for the deaths of the treasonous sorcerers who sided with Nilfgaard, and of all others whom he considers, rightly or not, to have brought about his brother’s death. The list is long and continuously appended.

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