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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2011-02-03 21:21:09

CVG has a new preview of Deus Ex: HR.

Since Jensen can only take a couple of hits at best, and the AI clearly isn't the type to take it in turns or leave long gaps between bursts of fire to give you a chance, the need to take a tactical approach is absolutely crucial.

The whole system of crouch and cover shooting is ever so slightly different from other FPS games though, if only from a control point of view, and does take a bit of getting used to.

With the push of a button, Jensen will snap to cover as the camera moves to third-person. From there you can move along with the left analogue stick with your options widening as you reach a corner: Leaning out from cover (or aiming over the top if it's a crate, for example) is done by gesturing in a particular direction with the same stick. It seems intuitive but, with both your strafing movements and peaking control in the same place, you'll find yourself popping your head out of cover and coming nose to nose with a nasty man when what you were trying to do was silently sneak past him.

Lining up a shot before coming out of cover also takes a bit of work. Human Evolution isn't a game that lets you aim up while you're in hiding so that you can pop out and hit a head-shot like a Jedi first time. Instead Jensen's position moves, along with the crosshairs, enough for you to have to really over compensate if you want that quick execution.

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