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Two Worlds II - Review @ PCGamer

by Myrthos, 2011-02-05 00:26:25

Desslock has reviewed Two Worlds 2 for PC Gamer. After not too many words he ends with a rating of 8.2 and the following summary:

TW2 still has plenty of room to grow, though. You can’t fight on horseback, for instance. Many skills are unbalanced—some are of dubious utility while others, such as Alchemy, feel half-baked. The single-player story gets increasingly linear for little payoff; we still get a sizable map out of the deal, but later areas aren’t as fleshed-out since the plot isn’t compelling enough to justify limiting open-world exploration. Multi­player is improved, but is disappointingly mission-based instead of allowing co-op wandering.

Yet it is such a huge improvement over its dismal predecessor that it’s oh-so-close to being an outstanding RPG. Its design just needs some rationalization and focus to achieve something great.

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