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Two Worlds II - Review @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2011-02-05 23:00:17

IGN has a rather vicious review of Two Worlds II and while I'm not sure the score of 6/10 is that far off, some of the criticism is over the top:

Meanwhile, somewhere between Reality Pump's offices in Poland and the western localization of Two Worlds II, someone mistakenly decided that the rest of their character development could be handled entirely by some of the worst voice acting I've heard in a game since the original Resident Evil. Every possible dialogue atrocity is here: tone deaf delivery, overly dramatic readings, engrish, mistranslated euphemisms and colloquialisms, missing words -- you name it, and Two Worlds II will at some point assault you with it. The dialogue atrocities and fantasy 101 sound effects make the music in Two Worlds II even more surprising by virtue of its competence. It's a fun, interesting score that avoids some epic fantasy cliches - it often reminded me of the original Diablo's soundtrack, and that isn't a bad thing.

Instead, Two Worlds II's bad is peppered throughout the rest of the game. The interface and menus are terrible and difficult to navigate. The quest log is riddled with grammatical errors and is oddly organized. The world doesn't feel particularly populated, and the quest design feels half-assed and riddled with wild difficulty spikes. There was a point early on in Two Worlds II where I had been cruising through the story, and was tasked with clearing a tribe of monsters from a termite mound. I galloped into the area on my horse expecting to dispatch them in the same way I had murdered countless other savages only to be worked over in short order. Ultimately, my only means of clearing them out involved picking one off from a distance, saving my game, and repeating, reloading at the points where I was discovered and quickly killed.

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