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Two Worlds II - Review @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2011-02-07 12:14:30

CVG has reprinted a Two Worlds II review from Xbox 360 World - and boy, is it a shocker (4.8/10):

So while it sounds decent enough being able to kick off a scrap from far away in mage regalia before flicking a hotkey to instantly switch over to sword and armour, ready to mop up the grisly remnants... the whole set-up is borked in practice.

You might as well just stick to hacking-'n'-slashing. Speaking of sword-'n'-shield based melée, we also seem to remember sophisticated mano-e-beasto fight also being promised by Reality Pump, something that no role-player thus far has even half-nailed.

The whole theme of having to duck, dive and generally mix things up is one big wad of bull though, and you either end up just hammering the right trigger and trading blows in traditionally rubbish fashion or hightailing it about while spewing fireballs like Benny Hill in a dress.

Looks-wise, it's the usual fantasy RPG story - with some reasonably purdy looking forest/mountainous/desert areas underpinned by shatto character models.


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