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Two Worlds II - Review @ Second Letter Media

by Dhruin, 2011-02-11 21:22:25

Second Letter Media writes in with their point-style review of Two Worlds II.  There's no score but the sub-heading is "two steps forward, one step back", which is positive overall. Here's an excerpt:

And the other "missteps?"

Camera control. Not having an option to turn off "the camera automatically moves to look in the direction your character is facing" feature was a mistake. It makes all tactical and assassination situations frustrating. Trying to sneak along a wall while getting a look at the enemy before using your dagger was all but ruined by this mechanic.

Exploration felt hampered. The world in TW2 felt significantly smaller than TW1. In reality that isn't the case, but using the "multiple island" approach just made the world feel more compact than it was. Especially when you factor in the Swallows where they pulled a 'Fallout' by forcing you down corridoors instead of allowing you to explore.

Looting felt pointless later in the game. This further led to a lack of motivation to explore. Somewhere around level 26, I found weaponry made for a level 46 character. I never found anything better than that at any point there-after. TW2 is all about customization over discovery when it comes to good equipment.

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