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Starpoint Gemini - v1.007 Patch, Review

by Dhruin, 2011-02-14 09:51:27

Little Green Men sent us an email to say the latest patch for Starpoint Gemini is up adding, among other things, the much-requested active-pause.  Here's the full list:

*Implemented turning by using the keyboard*Implemented active pause
*Docking cutscene can now be skipped by pressing the Spacebar
*Ships docked on stations are now invulnerable
*Panel scrollbars can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel
*Fixed issue with AI ships going outside map boundaries
*Fixed an issue where an ability couldn’t be fired due to a false “No target” warning
*Fixed a bug with Cargo hold values while in space being different than those while docked
*Doubling a shortcut in the options menu deletes the conflicting shortcut
*Empty shortcut fields in the options menu are now marked
*Fixed a bug where mining beam effect was left floating in space when the miner ship was attacked
*Fixed a scripting issue with Sector Zero TGate in Junction sector where the Gate would lock up when loading game
*Updated shortcut section in Options with added functions
*Weapons now shut down or detonate when leaving their maximum range
*Fixed several issues with GUI panels
*Fixed an issue with camera position when opening and closing Gemini Map
*Fixed several graphical issues
*Added "Sell all" button on the Commodities Trader screen

Grab it here or from SpaceSim Central.  Thanks also to Von Paulus for similar news.

LGM also let us know that while the active-pause patch was a major addition, they are still working on further updates, free DLC and mod tools.

There's also a new review at ComputerGames.ro, with a score of 80%:

The fun comes from the freedom of exploration. We can ferry merchandises from here to there for profit, mine asteroids for their valuable minerals, or we can chose to complete missions for the various factions: the Nyxian Consortium, Baeldor Republic and the Korkyan Triumvirate. These missions – rather limited in complexity – can help improve the approval you have with the said factions, although it’s pretty easy to get on their good side without them as well. Besides, once you own a capable spaceship, you can pretty much make the law with the fist in every system, hostile or not.

Speaking of which, there are almost 60 such sectors that are accessible via the so-called T Gates, each system having its own tiny universe. There are plenty of traders, usually stalked by pirates, rogues, and of course, the local police force. As a result, the game’s universe feels alive and although it does not rival the one in Space Rangers, is pretty well-designed.

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