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PotBS: Interview @ FiringSquad

by Inauro, 2006-08-26 02:05:00
Firing squad talks with Flying Lab's John Tynes about avatar vs. avatar combat (as opposed to ship vs. ship) in the company's upcoming MMORPG, <a href="http://www.burningsea.com" target="_blank">Pirates of the Burning Sea</a>.<blockquote><em><B>FiringSquad</b>: Let's talk about the new avatar combat. Why did the team want to allow players to actually fight man to man in addition to the ship-to-ship battles? <br> <br><B>Russell Williams</b>: Wea "!ve always envisioned Pirates of the Burning Sea as a game that combines sea-battles and swashbuckling combat; ita "!s just been a matter of timing. For most of our development, wea "!d decided to focus our efforts on getting the ship combat side of things up and running first, before trying to tackle a whole new side of the game. Wea "!ve been telling our fans all this time a Savatar combat is coming, but it will be after we launch.a ? So ita "!s been in the plan the whole time, wea "!ve just moved up the timetable. <br> <br>Why include swashbuckling combat at all? Well, because ita "!s a core part of the pirate genre! I dona "!t think wea "!ve ever met someone who didna "!t ask if they could jump onto an enemy ship to duel the opposing captain. Who are we to refuse? </em></blockquote><a href="http://www.firingsquad.com/news/newsarticle.asp?searchid=11916" target="_blank">More...</a>
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