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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Roundup

by Dhruin, 2011-02-24 21:19:27

We have three Deus Ex: HR items, today.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has the second part of their hands-on impressions:

Ready? We’re going in.

Adam Jensen is perched, dark and predatory, at the lip of a vent overlooking the interior of a warehouse, office and simple research facilty where armed, jittery radicals stalk and bark between aisles of goods. The stakes of his mission- and yours- are high. Not only do you need to recover an experimental weapon belonging to your company, not only are there hostages being held in the complex, but this is the first test of the newly augmented Jensen following the disaster that left him at death’s door.

As a player, crouched up there, watching your opponents patrol and thumbing your way through your comprehensive map of the area, it’s a gorgeously intimidating situation. And, being a task that could have been pulled cleanly from the design document of the original Deus Ex, it feels like a statement of intent. As such, when you play this mission you may not be entering from the roof. You may have gotten your hands bloody in a direct assault on the front door. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, and this mission demands patience.

IGN has a piece titled Does Human Revolution Feel Like Deus Ex?

The second important part of Deus Ex that Human Revolution appears to get right is the element of choice. It seems like Eidos Montreal has paid a lot of attention to this aspect in Human Revolution, both in terms of completing missions and developing Jensen. Making kills and discovering hidden pathways offers experience, eventually freeing up Praxis points. These points can then be dropped into a wide range of augmentation categories. Some augmentations go well together, like the ability to see through walls and then punch through to dismantle targets. Sadly this wall punching ability was not in the demo I played, so I concentrated on stealth for silent takedowns and hacking.

...and VG247 has five new screens and a preview roundup for those that want to catch everything.

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