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King Arthur II - Interview @ Hooked Gamers

by Dhruin, 2011-02-28 21:17:20

Hooked Gamers has an interview with Neocore about King Arthur II. Here's a snip:

Hooked Gamers: A fun mechanic was the ability for heroes to marry, adding both negative and positive effects to their own special traits. Often though, the partners were more trouble than they were worth as negative traits usually outweighed the positive ones. Will this change in any way?

Viktor Juhász: Marriage will be still an important part of the game. Even if the wives have some negative traits – which is not quite decided yet – they will be definitely worth marrying.

Hooked Gamers: What changes do you expect will be made to city and province development?

Viktor Juhász: Generally speaking, in King Arthur II we put a lot more emphasis on the RPG elements and you can use the Campaign Map to develop your heroes and the important locations. The hero and army management will be more detailed, and you can also manage your artifacts now as you will now be able to forge new items.

In related news, Gaming Nexus has a review of The Druids DLC for the original game, with a score of 'C'.

Source: Blues News

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