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Dungeon Siege 3 - Interview #3 @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2011-03-04 22:31:23

GameBanshee sat down with Dungeon Siege III creative lead George Ziets for their latest interview:

GB: With such a large amount of additional lore, how many quests did you create for the game? Is this going to be a very, very quest-driven game, such that I'll have ten quests in my journal at any given time?

George: It is a quest-driven game. There will never be a point in the game where you don’t have the main story either telling you to do something or branching off and letting you do any of these different things. Typically you won’t have ten quests in your journal before you get to a region. Usually, a couple of quests will be sending you to a new region and once you get there, then you’ll be opening up a bunch of side quests.

You probably didn’t get too far into the Rukkenvahl for the sample that you played, but there are a good number of quests in that region. You won’t necessarily get them where you show up in town and see something like 15 exclamation points. Typically, you’re going about your business doing whatever it is that you need to do for the main quest, and things pop up as you go along. So because of things that you’re doing, something happens and then someone has a quest for you.

There’s a wide range of quests. There are quests that are fairly complicated - main storyline stuff and some of the side quests are pretty big deals, there are decisions at the end of them, and they’re fairly long. And then there’s the quick one-off quests, like sending the player over here to do something relatively brief and come back. And we did that to make sure that the player has a good stream of rewards and quest offers coming in throughout the play experience. I'm finally doing my massive play through right now. I feel like it’s a pretty good balance.

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