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Avadon - Interview @ Sub Gamers

by Dhruin, 2011-03-09 21:02:22

There's a short interview with Jeff Vogel at Sub Gamers, discussing his background and Avadon:

The theme in Avadon is Power and how you can use (or misuse it), and as you stated - that could potentially lead to a game with a very dark mood. You prefer a humorous game - How do you accomplish that without compromising the theme and not making a farce out of it? Power after all, is quite a serious thing.

J.V: It is possible to mix serious issues and humor. Fantasy RPGs lend themselves very well to this. It’s a big world with tons of characters and writing. I can put in a lot of variety in mood.

Seeing as you really make up a story and plot or a story line with several changeable plots - what was it that made you grow up to be a game developer and not an author? (This is a thought I often have when I see the complexity of the story in games - your average author couldn’t really become a game developer but it could definitely work the other way round, don’t you think?)

J.V: I love games. Always have. Been completely addicted to them since I learned to play Dungeons & Dragons in fourth grade. Writing games was just kind of something I was born to do.

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