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D&D Daggerdale - Interview @ Games Relay

by Dhruin, 2011-03-16 21:33:52

 There's a decent interview on D&D Daggerdale with Bedlam Games' Creative Director Zandro Chan at Games Relay:

GamesRelay: What swayed your decision to base Daggerdale in the Forgotten Realms as opposed to other campaign settings?

Zandro Chan: Being fans of D&D ourselves, the choice to stage Daggerdale in the Forgotten Realms was obvious to us. The Forgotten Realms has a rich past of exotic locations and mythology and we were never at a loss for great ideas. The backdrop is packed with vibrant history and lore and is the perfect setting for our adventure.

GamesRelay: How much of a focus are you taking with telling the story of the game?

Zandro Chan: Much like the tabletop game, the narrative is very important to us. The main quest is broken down in a series of sub quests, allowing the players to move forward at their own pace. Throughout their adventure, players will be meeting new and interesting characters, some of which will trade their allegiance for the players' help.

Source: GameBanshee

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