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Arx Fatalis - Travels, Part 1 @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2011-03-23 21:16:08

Wow, a bolt from the blue. Alec Meer has penned the first of a diary series for Arx Fatalis at Rock, Paper, Shotgun called Travels. It's pretty short but here's a snip:

I suppose I’d better break out of this jail, then. Fortunately there’s a wobbly bar, which is the sort of thing you’d have thought jailers would check for regularly. Then again, the jailers are goblins, and everyone knows goblins are stupid. Racial stereotyping’s fine when the race is fabricated, huh?

Egged on by a frail-looking friendly stranger in the adjacent cell, I use a curious system of pulling and wobbling to manually remove the bar, then sneak outside and clobber the guarding gobbo around the back of the head. Or at least that’s the plan. In fact, I’ve specced my character as a magic specialist, leaving him as psyhsically weak as an asthmatic kitten. A spell right now would be great. But no.

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