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DS2: Broken World - Review @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2006-08-27 00:30:00
GameZone has posted their <a href="http://pc.gamezone.com/gzreviews/r29060.htm" target="_blank">review</a> of DS2: Broken World. The score is a modest 6.8/10 and here's a snip:<blockquote><em>Where the game falters is in framerate issues, which essentially means stuttering. This can be a deterrent that really interrupts the game play. <br><br>But what this expansion does bring to the table are some pretty good battles against tough foes and well-designed monsters. Ita "!s just too bad the story itself is so short. Without the framerate issues, and a more involved story, this might have been a much more entertaining ride.</em></blockquote>

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