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The Sims Medieval - Reviews

by Skavenhorde, 2011-03-29 16:24:52

A few more reviews for you.

The first one is from TenTonHammer. They gave a score on each part of the game, but not an overall score.

Gameplay: 95/100

Graphics: 85/100

Sound: 85/100

Value: 95/100

Lasting Appeal: 85/100

Their Pros and Cons:


Pros and Cons




* A new twist on Sims-style gameplay ramps up the fun and eliminates much of the tedium.

* The game is easy to learn and will be familiar to anyone who has played The Sims, but the deep mechanics still provide some challenge.

* Lots of options! Create a cultured and refined kingdom or a warlike and greedy one--it’s your call.

* Plenty to do. It’ll be a long time before a player runs out of quests or Ambitions.

* Dire chinchillas. ‘Nuff said.




* Quests not exactly deep or compelling where story is concerned. They’re mostly light and humorous.

* Some ambient sounds are annoying.

* Pathing problems and gameplay glitches are fewer than in other Sims titles, but they still exist.

Game Guys - A-

Where Sims games are typically a direction-less sandbox, Medieval tidies things up a bit by making the game mission-driven. Also, instead of creating blank-slate sims to "live" and work in the area the game has players create class-defined sims such as a knight, priests and the kingdom's reigning monarch. The player, too, has a role to fill: the ever-present Watcher. In other words the player is the deity that all of the sims worship and/or fear.

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