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The Witcher 2 - Interview @ Next Gen

by Dhruin, 2011-04-02 00:06:51

CD Projekt Red's Tomas Gop has been interviewed at Next Gen about The Witcher 2. No new reveals but the comparison with Demons Souls is fascinating:

Since the first Witcher, which games have had the biggest effect on CD Projekt's direction for The Witcher 2?

We get inspired by many games, obviously, like any game developer. I can't say specifically whether it's Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls or Arkham Asylum that has inspired us most over the past few years – it's probably a mix of all of them. I think everyone will find elements of Demon's Souls, though, definitely. We don't auto-scale opponents, for example. If you want to compare it to anything, Demon's Souls is definitely good. I'd like that, for sure.

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