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Underworld - Review @ RPG Codex

by Dhruin, 2011-04-04 23:06:20

RPG Codex has a review of Sword & Sorcery: Underworld, written by Elwro. There's no score as usual for the site but he obviously enjoyed the old-school gameplay. A sample:

After the party has been created the adventure begins. You exit a tavern in the city of Highnest and start exploring the world. The game is a grid based dungeon crawler and has two display modes: either you see a very basic image of the game world from the first person perspective, or, during combat, you see a list of opponents (which, in keeping with the oldschool tradition, can extend far into dozens), an accompanying picture, your party stats and the available options. Important events are illustrated by static full-screen illustrations. You'll be seeing the combat screen very often. In fact, hordes of opponents roam the streets of the game's cities (again, true to the tradition), and you will be fighting every few steps. In the meantime you will find that the first city has a temple, an arena, an inn (to buy food at), a shop, a training hall (to advance to the next experience level you have to go there and pay, which, if you are not careful, may put a strain on your budget), a tavern, a blocked entrance to the catacombs, the Stewardess' hall and lots of locked houses. The catacombs can be entered in at least 3 ways. It's worthy to investigate the locked houses as this leads to receiving more quests. (You can't bash locked doors; your Thieving Ability is checked, so here's one occasion on which a Rogue is handy.)

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