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The Witcher 2 - Geralt's New Face

by Dhruin, 2011-04-04 23:24:16

The official Witcher 2 site has a short blurb on the development of Geralt's face from the original game to the new appearance:

When you work on something continually for a longer period of time it’s bound to change. Changes often symbolize progress, it’s no different with Geralt’s new look.

When we have started working on Geralt’s face almost 10 years ago he looked different, way different than what he looks like now. His face has been slowly evolving until we reached – what we consider – a very close to original visualization of Geralt known from the books. He’s not your typical poster boy from a generic RPG game. There’s a story behind each one of those scars, he looks tired – maybe even exhausted. At the same time he looks like he’s ready for action, he’s waiting – always ready to face new challenges. The man on the cover portrays a witcher we meant to show from the very beginning. You can view the new cover here.

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