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Deck 13 - Working on Crazy Chicken - Tiger & Chicken

by Gorath, 2011-04-06 20:15:54

Venetica developer Deck 13 scored the development contract on the gazillionth game in the Crazy Chicken (German: Moorhuhn) franchise. This time the crazy chicken will visit Asia. The gameplay will combine the action oriented Crazy Chicken tradition - the first couple of games were simple shoot 'em ups - with Deck 13's expertise in humor, story telling and character development. The result with be an action game with significant action-RPG and adventure elements.

Major influences for Tiger & Chicken are the movies Tiger & Dragon and The 36 Chambers of the Shaolin.

On a sidenote, Deck 13 mentioned on their Facebook page they've signed a big contract with a well-known publisher. There's no reason to believe they meant Tiger & Chicken, and it sounds like a new RPG could be in the pipeline.

They also announced that they will release a Venetica art book for free when they reach 1000 Facebook friends.

Thanks, Alrik!

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