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RPGWatch Feature: Legerdemain Reader Interview

by Dhruin, 2011-04-11 22:33:28

Rune turns his attention to the story-based roguelike Legerdemain, in this latest reader interview. Here's a descriptive snip, for those not familiar with the game:

1Rune - How would you describe Legerdemain to anyone who is not familiar with it?

Nathan - It is a computer role-playing game that has been produced independently by a single author. This last point is a warning, but it is also a call-to-arms. In Legerdemain, I have made numerous design decisions with a conscious disregard of what makes a game popular or easy to market, and focused instead on something I could tackle on my own terms. This meant throwing out fancy graphics and cut scenes and so forth, but I'm OK with that. In exchange, I've been able to concentrate on the things I find most important, like interesting NPCs, and storyline, and a huge, original world.

Read it all here.

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