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Fable 3 - Hands-on @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2011-04-14 00:06:44

Rock, Paper, Shotgun has some hands-on impressions of Fable III based on a visit to Lionhead's headquarters. It's all rather positive, actually:

Last week, I ventured to the British developer’s headquarters in leafy, mobile phone reception-free outer Guildford and sat down with the impending PC build of their action-RPG for around three hours. I enjoyed them, and more than I’d expected to. While I am nominally a fan of the Fable games, I hadn’t yet got around to more than a fraction of III: largely due to word of mouth claiming it had strayed too far into the ‘anyone can play’ casualness the series has long-chased. Fortunately for the discerning PC gamer, Lionhead have taken some of that criticism on the chin and made some pretty significant revamps to make it a more meaty, challenging and tactical experience.

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